Monday, May 7, 2007

Thou Shalt Not Kill

by Kay Oss
Guest Writer

Thou shalt not kill. Were They talkin’ ’bout time when They said this? I mean, because, that’s all I do, is kill time. Am I going to Hell for this? Probably, right? Far as I can tell, there were no specifications on what was killable and what wasn’t. It was just a flat out Commandment – Thou shalt not kill. Unlessin’ Moses’ dictation skills weren’t up to par and he didn’t get the whole Commandment down (and how likely is that?) So maybe that’s why I’m not succeeding the way I’d like to – ‘cause I keep killing time! Okay, that’s a joke. OBviously, the reason I’m not succeeding is because I kill all sorts of time, time after time, and time again.

Shucks! I don’t really intend to kill time. It just sort of happens. It’s kind of a really sick cycle that I’ve wound up in. Poor choice of word – wound. Which is what you do to a watch, wind it, and a watch is a timekeeping device and all I’m going to do is kill it!) Maybe I should say it’s a really unfortunate cycle I’ve found myself in. But once you kill time the first time? You’re a lost soul, baby. And you’re going down!

I think my problem is/was this: I was tired one time. And so I didn’t do something that one time. But whatever it was I didn’t do that one time, sort of multiplied itself in record time and then I was overwhelmed with needing to do whatever it was I skipped doing that first time, a lot more times, and now, here I am just sittin’ around wondering where time goes and why it seems I haven’t the time to do any thing, let alone a one thing. And with all that overwhelmement (new word I made up this time!) all I manage to do nowadays is kill time because I keep thinking that I don’t have enough time to complete said project!

And as far as my question in the first paragraph goes – am I going to Hell for this? Who am I kidding?! I am in Purgatory right now because of my obsession with wanting time, having time,
killing time, wanting time, having time, killing time… wanting t… you get the drift.

The sad part, too, is that, like anything that’s dead, you can’t revive time. It’s gone. Soooo… I guess I shouldn’t… Heck, I don’t know what "I shouldn’t". I have no idea where that thought was going, but I was trying not to kill time by just sitting here staring at the monitor, while other things – totally unrelated to this article – were making their way through my head. And you wanna know why my mind just drifted? Because I looked at the clock in the bottom right corner of my monitor and saw that at 5pm, it’s now considered "evening time" and pretty much all I did today was my laundry!! That ain’t right! I was lucky that I didn’t have to go to my real job today and had figured (when I got out of bed this morning) that I’d have completed a whole heap ’o stuff! Chaaaaaaaa……..

Oh well. It’s 5pm. Too late to really start doing anything now. Heck, it’ll be bedtime soon (HOURS from now!) Alright, then, let’s see how much more time I can kill.

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